Set Up New Agreement

Set Up New Agreement

Upon our receipt of this form, you will receive your agreement and exhibits by e-mail. You may then review, print, sign and return the escrow agreement and your escrow deposit materials to Guard-IT for completion of your escrow.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This form is offered as a free service to prospects and clients, and persons using this form are not obligated to purchase escrow services from Guard-IT when using this form.  Submission of this electronic form to Guard-IT Corporation represents the depositor's expressed request for Guard-IT to draft an escrow agreement and related exhibits.  Upon receipt of this form, Guard-IT will draft the agreement and return it to depositor in MS Word format for the depositor's review and completion.  Guard-IT shall have no obligation to any party named in this form submission until an escrow agreement is fully executed and signed by Guard-IT.  Guard-IT is not responsible for any errors, including typographical or data entry errors, which may be submitted via this form.  Contact for more information.