Deposit Verification

Deposit Verification


Whether to provide internal audit and benchmarks or to protect against external damage, sometimes an extra measure of assurance is needed and mission-critical components that are put into escrow must be tested, validated or verified. Deposit verification gives all parties assurance that the escrow deposit materials are complete, virus- and defect-free and fully functional per the testing specifications.

As an optional service, Guard-IT will oversee the complete technical verification process -- performed by certified software engineers -- and provide written reports and authentication to all parties to the escrow agreement.

Verification Overview

Guard-IT accepts products on CD/DVD, USB/flash drive or through our exclusive 1024-bit-encrypted FTP.

Level 1 or “Fingerprint”: All files are checked for readability and scanned for viruses. Based on the product's "packing list" (Exhibit B), all files are identified, verified and given a unique MD5-Checksum ID for internal benchmarking or comparison to subsequent deposit updates. Independent, written verification of the inventory is reported to all parties.

Level 2, Recompiling the Code: This level takes the source code, tools and associated make files and ensures that the Deposit Materials can be rebuilt or recompiled into an executable program per the developer's build instructions. This includes all Level 1 verification and acceptance procedures.

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