For Multiple Users

For Multiple Users

While many of our developer clients set up escrow with us to satisfy a handful of users (“beneficiaries”), they often have other users who either a) haven’t asked about escrow protection yet, or b) they’re unaware that this benefit is available.  If this happens, much of the developer's client base can go unprotected.

At Guard-IT, we use a “Multi-User” escrow agreement between the technology developer and us that allows the developer to enroll UNLIMITED users to the escrow agreement. Further, other products or modules may be added to the escrow account, so that you don’t have to create separate escrow agreements for separate solutions.

Benefits of Using a "Multi-User" Escrow Agreement:

  • Single escrow agreement with fixed release conditions applies to ALL beneficiaries
  • You may enroll an unlimited number of beneficiaries to your escrow agreement
  • Beneficiaries do not have to negotiate or sign anything
  • You may enroll beneficiaries individually or in bulk
  • All beneficiaries receive enrollment confirmation from us, along with periodic status reports and confirmation of all updates you make to the escrow deposit materials

Whether you have 20 users or 200, we are ready to assist with your multiple-user escrow needs.

"I already have a Multi-User escrow agreement in place, what am I missing?" Additional revenue and client satisfaction await -- click for an overview of our Partner Program.

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