Escrow Agreements

ESCROW Agreements


Which Agreement Do You Need?

Regardless of the type or the terms, it's your escrow agreement, not ours.  Our draft agreements thoroughly cover the customary issues, but only the parties to the agreement know what special terms, if any, should be included.  We'll assist you in editing or customizing an escrow agreement that meets your needs according to your terms.  You may either edit one of our drafts or send us your own for review.

Two Types, One Question

Is there a single user (beneficiary) involved, or is it possible that you'll need to extend the escrow benefits to multiple users?

Simply put, a Single-User agreement defines exclusive terms among the developer, one user or licensee and Guard-IT. A Multi-User escrow agreement is between the developer and Guard-IT, and UNLIMITED users may be enrolled to the same escrow agreement.

"Single-User" Agreements
Sometimes, a single user or licensee might ask the developer to secure the license agreement or development contract with an escrow agreement.  This is common when smaller developers are selling to larger clients or government agencies with stringent risk management requirements.  When this happens, a Single-User escrow agreement becomes a valuable tool for securing deals and cementing business relationships by proactive, good-faith efforts between developers and their customers.

"Multi-User" Agreements
These agreements give developers an extra layer of intellectual property protection, control of the escrow terms and the flexibility to add unlimited users as beneficiaries to the escrow agreement.  Whether there are two or 200 beneficiaries, all are enrolled to the same agreement, eliminating replication of agreements as the client base grows. Multi-User agreements enhance the developer's marketing efforts by giving instant security benefits to clients. Beneficiaries can be enrolled individually at our Client Tools area or in bulk via spreadsheet or CSV file format (contact us).

Free Samples
Click below to request a free draft agreement.  We'll reply with a draft in MS Word format with redline protection. Once you've made your changes, just return it to us for a quick review. We will return a clean copy ready for you to print and sign.

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If you know which one you need and you'd like to get a head start, just select Set Up a New Escrow Agreement.

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