More than 90 banks worldwide enjoy Guard-IT's security benefits.

Guard-IT provides a comprehensive system for local, regional and global banks who want to preserve their key technology assets.  Like an old bank vault with a 21st-century technological twist, Guard-IT's asset preservation services can reduce costly downtime and eliminate the need to search for replacement software, install new systems and re-train staff.

LEVEL I:  Third-Party Software

When it comes to banking and financial software systems, "mission-critical" is an understatement.  This is why banks choose Guard-IT to protect and preserve the software assets that are developed by and licensed from third-party software vendors.

Whether the risk is a cyberattack, a system crash or loss of support, Guard-IT can help with ready access to the source code and other vital components of these software products.  Our Level I service takes inventory of ALL of your third-party software packages, preserves them and retains validated copies in safekeeping.

LEVEL II:  Passwords, Encryption Keys & Other Intellectual Property

Within most banking centers there many other items that need to be protected: Network & server passwords, encryption keys, confidential records & credentials and other intellectual property.  Guard-IT's encrypted repository holds these items safely for your easy access should any of these become lost or stolen.

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