“Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CFMD) Chooses Guard-IT for Software Escrow Services

AUSTIN, TEXAS (OCTOBER 7, 2010) -- Guard-IT (www.guard-it.com) has been selected to provide software escrow services to software developers in Microsoft Corporation’s (NYSE: MSFT) “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CFMD) ® accreditation program.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD) is a solution certification achieved by Microsoft Dynamics partners whose software solutions have met Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner developed solutions to deliver comprehensive business management systems.

Software escrow is a new requirement for CFMD. Effective November 1, 2010, partners will need to meet the escrow requirement to achieve CFMD certification.

Guard-IT preserves the developer’s intellectual property (software, source code, data, etc.) while protecting licensees’ interest in the technology, by providing contingent access to the source code in the event the developer ceases operations.

Guard-IT will be holding source code and data on behalf of CFMD partners and their licensees.

"We are thrilled to be part of the CFMD program, " said Guard-IT's founder and CEO Jim Ford. "Our online tools make it very easy for partners to get their escrow in place and meet the program requirements."

Ford said that Microsoft's escrow requirement for CFMD accreditation is an important step toward wide-scale use of software escrow.

"CFMD's escrow requirement highlights the importance of software escrow and it models a proactive, good-sense approach to protecting your technology assets," Ford said. "I expect many other developers, corporations and government agencies to follow suit with escrow requirements for all of their IT projects."

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